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Sharing calm and quiet time with you.
Usually quiet, but sometimes talkative. Spend gentle time alone with a quiet girl.

The election started, I asked Quiet to appeal for vote.

Bookworm … Master… is it necessary to make an appeal…?
Master If y-you can… you don't want to?
Bookworm I want to be reading instead… what difference does it make if I appeal to public…?
Master I think there are people who really knows not much about maids, and who to vote. Appeal is helpful for those people.

Moreover, if you find no one voted on general election for popularity of maids… you'll be sad, won't you?
Bookworm That is… true… and then, what should I do for it…?
Master You appeal to be your self.
Bookworm My own self… since I love books… Should I show when I'm reading a book?
Master That's more just reading a book than appealing your self.

Something easier to understand than that…not just to show you're reading a book…
Bookworm I also like movies and dramas, for example…? I watch overseas dramas a lot…
Master Heh, you watch overseas dramas as well.
Bookworm Yeah, it's really awesome… it runs by season and they spend as much money as making movies on each season…

That way they can script rich and long stories which is better than movies…! The stories that runs in several seasons are really interesting…!

Now, there are more options to watch overseas dramas… the only downside is I run out of time…
Master O,Oohh…. Is that so…
Bookworm … Oh, sorry… I talked too much…

The Quiet seems quite embarrassed.

She is usually very quiet, but becomes quite talkative when she talks about something she is into.

She seemed embarrassed, but this is her strength as well.

Master I'm sure guests from overseas will love to have your company who knows those things.
Bookworm … Do you think so?
Master Yeah, what was the right word for that? It's about people like overseas programmer…
Bookworm … Nerds?
Master That's it! You'll be popular among those kind of people, don't you think?

I don't mean to make fun of nerds, by the way.

Bookworm That troubles me… I'm not confident if I can carry a good conversation with those knowledgeable people… they are really awesome people...

I would rather want to hear their stories… the stories of knowledgeable people are really interesting…
Master That is not right for appeal… no, it might not be wrong…
Bookworm By the way, they become active in movies most of the time… do you know about it, master…?
Master Aah, yeah, that's true. They have secret weapons…
Bookworm Yes…! There are patterns that to be the first advantage to take… personally they become cooperative in the end even they started out fighting at the beginning...

… Some story is that the person doesn't get along with sports-oriented person… but they are perfect for each other, yet they can't change the relationship till the end of the story saying spiteful things to each other...
Master (Oh, no… I pushed the wrong button…)

It comes to my mind…it might be interesting to film and show how the Quiet can speak so passionately about them.



Madam at Empire club!?
A ladylike big sister who is popular among both men and women!

He was hungry.

The mountain of documents in front of him is about to collapse.

He has been working very hard since this morning, but the enemy's been too tough.

Master It… It never ends. I can not finish them all. Wwow! When can I finish them!
Graceful What is the matter? You screamed so loud.
Master My work will never ends! I have no time to have meals even I'm starving… phew…
Graceful Then, it's perfect. Have some of this and be happy.
Master Oh, oohh…! Thank you so much! It is a mercy from the Lord! Thank you!

Munch, munch… by the way, what's up? You seem very happy.
Graceful Hehe, to be honest with you, I got this! Here, look!
Master Oh, this is an announcement of general election. I remember you'll be in, this time.
Graceful Yes, that's right! I just wonder if it's okay that I join.
Master Why do you say such thing? All maids have equal right to participate to the election, or do you feel any pressure?
Graceful Hmm, it's bit different from that. It's not I don't feel pressure at all… but…
Master Is there anything else? I'll listen if you want to tell me.
Graceful Hehe, you're kind. Let me tell you then… It's going to be a big deal for me to join in those kind of event.
Master B-big deal…? That's perhaps… no, no way since this is not that kind of event…
Graceful I'm not sure what master is thinking about… but probably you're wrong?
Master You know exactly!... Anyways, what's about big deal?
Graceful Well, I get tons of request from men like my phone number, friend request on social network… and so on. Of course I don't refuse any of those requests.

Then I get phone calls everyday and overwhelming numbers of direct messages on my social network account…
Master That's great… but another me is saying you should refuse some of them…
Graceful No, I can't. I feel bad for them. How do you feel if that happens to you?
Master I'll be sad… probably I'll be feeling depressed…
Graceful See, that's what I thought. So I'm happy I got the invitation, but I'm worried about that problem… what do you think?

Oh, I'm sorry, I'm asking for an opinion from master. I should think about it by myself.
Master No problem at all! I'm happy you trust me. I always rely on you, so sometimes you should do the same to me.

It is indeed a big problem. Fans… kind of? I understand you want to be good to them. It's indeed a big deal.
Graceful It is. Do you have any good idea? For example, I give them master's phone number or mail address instead… but that create a big problems on you.
Master Well, I'm okay with it. I'm the owner and the manager here. That's a kind of my duty.
Graceful Are you sure? It will be annoying much more than you expect.
Master I'm fine. No problem! I'll be kind to them and won't make them feel bad. So leave that issue to me!
Graceful Thank you so much, master! I can join now with no worries!
Master Yes, wish you good luck ! Being a manager myself I can't support only one maid, but I'll cheer!
Graceful Yes, that's more than enough! Then, I wish you a good day at work! Remember to eat properly, all right?

The weight is off from her mind, she left the office lightly hopping.

Master was smiling and saw her off with smile, never being able to imagine the horrible troubles he is going to have later.


Secretary maid

Aunty bed head pointer… I mean, big sister!
The commander we can rely on!
She has reached the best age for marriage! Don't miss it! Patient and hard working big sister, secretary maid!

Secretary Maid

In addition to maid work at Empire club, [support for other maids][master's schedule management] and,

She has to manage many different works. It's maid's executive position that requires capability.

One day she received the announcement of the election.

Secretary maid I want to go home…
Master This is more like your home, isn't it… heeehh, what happened?
Secretary maid Because in this kind of event, middle… *cough*! matured lady like me alone joins…
Master It's good to give more options.
Secretary maid I already know the result that I'll get the lowest vote and people will make fun of me, right!?
Master How negative you can be…

You might be right, but I think you still have chance to win, don't you think so?
Secretary maid How do you know! Can you explain…?
Master It's troublesome… well, this is only in Japan, and my personal opinion.

In Japan, whether it is anime character or idol, [completed work] is not so popular.

I can't explain well, but with lots of weaknesses, uncertainty, or missing something… those [uncompleted work] become popular.

Different countries have difference in values… you know, secretary maid is completed adult who can manage various different work well, right?

That's why secretary maid might get tremendous popularity outside Japan!
Secretary maid Is-is that so! I'm upset about being treated as [unpopular middle aged] now!!
Master We never treat you like that!!
Secretary maid Hehe… you're not? So, you are saying a matured maid like me who is experienced in the ways of the world… will be tremendously popular over the ocean!
Master (Depending on a country…)
Secretary maid Okay, understand. I mean, yes, sir!
Master That's [Muku]'s phrase!
Secretary maid For sure, I understand different view of the value gives me a winning chance! I'll aim at the first prize!
Master Ah, yes. Good luck, I'm glad you found the motivation.
Secretary maid T-then, when I get the first prize…
Master Well, I'll give you a reward. Hmm… something that makes secretary maid happy...

… It's so ordinary, but how about dinner at a restaurant with beautiful night view.
Secretary maid … Ooh!? Are you… s-sure!?
Master If you don't mind my company.
Secretary maid T-that is, you mean…!? P-Pro…!?
Master Pro…?
Secretary maid Pro… pro wrestling watching…!?
Master Heh? What? N-no, I'm not sure about that…
Secretary maid Never mind! It gives me a reason to try my best! I'll do my best.
Master Yes, I'm not quite understood what you were going to say, but wish you a good luck.

Then, the secretary maid made triumphant pose repeatedly.


Little sister

Relaxed and snuggly, join the competition cutely.
Loving type, everyone is my big sister! Snuggly little sister!

The announcement of the election, it is not quite clear for the little sister…

Little sister Brother, they talk about election… what should I do? I don't quite get it… Is there any speech to make?

I… don't really get those difficult things. Is it that thing, you make a promise at a speech, like... once I'm selected, I'll do… or something like that.
Master Aah… I see. It's indeed difficult to understand.

Well, it's more like a festival, so you don't need to think too hard.
Little sister Oh, a festival…? Hmm… then, well. Suppose not to think too hard, and it is like a festival…well…

… Brother, so, what should I do in the end? You're not responding with the solution…
Master Well, I guess not… hahaha…

… I'm in trouble since I've never questioned and don't know well what to do.

I've been talking with maids as if I understand well but I only have vague idea about it.

Master Well, then… what shall we start with…

To make foreigners understand the charm of snuggly little sister can be…

Master Hey, by the way, what do you find what's your charm.
Little sister Heh…? I've been treated as a little one by my big sisters… ughh… I probably am the most naïve one.
Master Hm, hm, the youngest and naïve. Yes, that is the kind of…

… Wait a minute.
Is it a good idea on a moral and international ethical standard point of view to use her youth as a selling point...?

Master Is there any other special characters…!?
Little sister What I like is… salisbury steak? Oh, talking about food, I'm good at drawing on an omlet using ketchup. I'm awesome, aren't I?
Master … She is a child!
Little sister Mm… Brother has been complaining everytime when I say something.
Master S-sorry… well then, shall we continue?
Little sister And then…I used to get lost very often… Lately I seldom lose my way, thanks to my big sisters. Huhu
Master That's right… easily lose the way also make people feel you need to be protected, and maternal and paternal nature will be woken up.
Little sister Well… then. I have stuffed kitty cat… ehehe, It's cute, isn't it.
Master Ah… t-that is…
Little sister Her name is little Anabel. Ehehe… big brother has the matching one, don't you?
Master Ahaha… right, but Shall we leave Anabel behind for time being?
Little sister Oh no… Anabel is so lovely. Oh… I know, brother, I have to say some appeal, right?
Master That is indeed true, but what woke you up all of sudden…?
Little sister … *Cough*, if I'm selected, everybody will get this little Anabel!
Master Please don't!!!!!



Master's arch enemy!? Super sarcastic, no sign of sweetness, no mercy, master is not promiscuous for maids! (Her talk) Blunt no-sweet maid !

The second general election is finally announced.

Each maid received details of the entry, some aim the triumph, some try to enjoy, or some are already being pushed by the anxiety, their reactions varied.

However, there was someone who questioned the general election… it was more like hostile to it.

Blunt Master! What is this?
Master Whoa!? You showed up from nowhere, and what are you talking about?
Blunt That's what I want to say. What is this?
Master Aah, the announcement of the general election. What about it?
Blunt What do you mean 'what about it'! Who planned such thing!
Master I'm not s-sure… I'm just guessing it's someone high up…?
Blunt Heh… you know nothing. How can you run Empire club as an owner. I'm shocked.
Master Well, there is nothing I can do… by the way, what makes you so upset?
Blunt Don't you understand such a simple thing? Don't you feel it's so outdated to make girls compete against each other?
Master (Aahh… is this kind of political correctness…)

I got you. However, don't you think there is no problem on competition itself, do you?
Blunt No, not, at, all.
Master Is-is it so… thank you for speaking clearly word by word.
Blunt If master is so useless for this, there is no meaning for me to come all the way to here. Good bye.
Master H-hold on! This time, where are you going to!?
Blunt I should be able to find the person who planned this indecent event, so I'm off to find that person.
Master What are you planning to do if you actually find the person…?
Blunt No doubt I will request to cancel it. I'll make that person to regret about planning such indecent event that exhibit women in public. Bye now.
Master Please hold on! I think this event is not so evil!
Blunt Heh…? Why. I don't want to stay here too long, but I'll listen to your opinion.
Master First of all, this kind of event is not exclusive for women. This time, just happened to be girls' but some are for boys' as well.
Blunt That's something else. I'm talking about this specific event. Have you been listening to me?
Master Yes, of course, I understand! What I want to say is , well… yeah, men and women are equal… ughh…
Blunt You lost words. I'll voice even if it were men's competition.
Master I know you like male idols! You know, there is popularity contest of male idols. That is not acceptable, either?
Blunt Mmn… You make a counterattack on me that way. That is… true. Sometimes I really look forward to it.
Master Yeah, right! There are people who are looking forward to your general election! Can we tell them the election is to be cancelled! No way!
Blunt Emphasize in ironic expression is so old fashioned. However… well, that's true. I'll compromise this time.
Master Then, you won't protest against it or something like that?
Blunt Well, I have no choice. I have no right to take people's joy away. Indeed… I'm really sorry about it.
Master Then, you'll join them, too. There are people who are expecting you.
Blunt … I was going to say I won't participate, but you made the first move… It's a tough decision, but I will…
Master I don't think it's that much of a big deal to hate so much.

There were turns and twists, but it seems the general election will be held with no problems. Yet, we have to keep our eyes on how she will move next… I suppose.


Preppy girl

Jumping out noblesse oblige. Don't miss the hospitality of high society! Her standing reminds of peony, walking tells she is preppy!

Preppy girl.

Sometimes she is viewed as haughty, but she never realize about it.

She expects high hurdle she puts on for herself to other people and that creates conflicts.

However, she never give up. To reach to the ideal self, she works hard every day.

The announcement of the election arrived to the preppy girl.

Preppy girl What on earth is this?
Master Aah, it's like a popularity vote. It tells who is the most popular among maids.
Preppy girl Of course I can tell such simple thing. My question is why do you need to do such a thing.

Works should not be done to be valued by other people. On top of that, you put ranking like this way…
Master Well, it's more like for fun like having little fair. You shouldn't think too seriously.
Preppy girl … I can't really accept it, but there is no use of complaining since this has already been started.
Master Yeah, then, can you think how you can appeal yourself?
Preppy girl Appeal, you said. I'm not good at things such as advertising myself.

Hmm… I can't think of anything… it's hard to come up with something good for such a short notice.
Master What… you have several things, don't you? I'm haughty, or popular among girls, or I have lots of money…
Preppy girl Master, it sounds to me you're ready to fight with me, aren't you?
Master Aah, no, well… I know! You have lofty ideal! That's your strength!
Preppy girl That is true. I never compromise, probably I can be proud of it.

… To think about it, I can't be defeated at this election.
Master (She never be changed.)
Preppy girl Well, this election is to appeal us to overseas guests, isn't it?

If that is so, I never ever follow others blindly, I am very confident to win the first prize, honestly speaking.
Master (As usual, she values herself very high.)
Preppy girl Master, why are you smiling quietly? Did I say something wrong?
Master Well, I thought you are very good at appealing yourself. It brings smile on my face.
Preppy girl Your smile looks little different from that… It's not bad to hear such compliment.
Master You like to hear compliments. I wonder how pleased you can be if you actually get the first prize.
Preppy girl Hmm, I'm always aiming higher. I will never be arrogant by getting the first prize.
Master So, how about you get the lowest…?
Preppy girl Master, are you abusing me…?
Master To be honest with you, it gets me excited to imagine your expression when you're down since I only know you with lots of confidence.
Preppy girl You say pretty bad thing… but for sure… I haven't exposed myself at all so far, it is possible I can be the lowest.

If t-that actually happened… I will… take it as an encouragement and work harder than ever.
Master (I accidently said it, but I feel bad about speaking up about it...)

I k-know. I'll get you something to celebrate the first prize if you get it! What do you want!?
Preppy girl Master… I want you to hug me real tight… I've gotten anxious…
Master You don't need to win the first prize to get my hug. I'll hug you any time!

Usually she is very proud of herself, but looking at her meek, I have to hug her no matter what the environment can be.

Since she is always nervous, she becomes weak once she is attacked. To be able to see that side of herself is one of the privilege master can have.


Childhood Friend

She's a responsible girl who is well-mannered to everyone. She loves her master, and will do anything for him no matter how difficult it is.

As the night grew old, I finally made it to the end of my work.

Master Mm… Phew…

I do a big stretch and roll my stiff shoulders.
I find I was more exhausted than I imagined from the cracking of my joints.

Childhood Friend Good work today. I'll massage your shoulders.

Just as I'd finished my big stretch, Childhood Friend arrives.

Master Ah, that'd be a big help.

She rubs all over my back with a nice rhythm, meticulously massaging me.
She must know where I want to be massaged, or where my tired spots are, because she massages the knots out of my shoulders without me having to instruct her.
It's just as I expected Childhood Friend to do.

Master Phew… That felt good. Thank you.
Childhood Friend I did it for you, Onii-sama. Ah, I've just remembered, Onii-sama, would you see this?
Master Hey, shouldn't I be 'Master' during work?
Childhood Friend I'm sorry… But we're alone, after all, and I came here after finishing all my work, so…
Master Ah, I see! If that's the case, it's all right. Good work today.
Childhood Friend Hehehe, thank you, Onii-sama…

Relieved, Childhood Friend smooths down her front.

Master Anyway, what's going on? I thought I saw you carrying something…
Childhood Friend Ah, yes. Here it is…

Childhood Friend hands over a paper that basically says that Empire Club contest will be held.

Master Ah, this. This is saying that there's going to be a vote on who's the most popular maid.
Childhood Friend So, could I also participate?
Master Yeah. It's like a festival, so you don't have to worry about it too much, but I'd be happy if you tried really hard in it.
Childhood Friend I see, if it makes you happy, Onii-sama, I'll do my best and strive to place high.
Master Anyway, it's a contest for international guests, so do you have something you want to show off to them?
Childhood Friend When you mention it… I'm not really skilled at anything in particular, but I'd like them to know that I will serve them with my whole heart.
Master Hey, hey! You've always been of great help for me.
Childhood Friend Oh, you! You were the one who kindly took me in as a maid, Onii-sama. Of course I have to do my job well, so serving guests doesn't mean anything special!
Master R-really? But having you around me all the time and helping me really are a life-saver!
Childhood Friend You…! You're exaggerating! Everyone is so unique and beautiful, so I have to work hard to get the guests' votes.

So, well…
Master What's the matter?
Childhood Friend Onii-sama… Who would you vote for?
Master Eh, me!? This contest is for guests, so I can't vote!
Childhood Friend I, I see. I'm sorry…
Master I can't vote, and I can't favor one maid… but I'll be cheering for you!
Childhood Friend Thank you for saying such a sweet thing!
And, I'm not really in the position to say this, but I have one request…

Childhood Friend's cheeks turn red as she nervously opens her mouth.
She doesn't have to look that apologetic…

Master What is it?
Childhood Friend If I get first place… Would you give me head pats?

Childhood Friend turns bright red as if she'd just confessed her love.
I smile at the girl who's modest in everything, and show her my understanding.



She speaks her mind clearly, and has a tsundere personality. She has straightforward likes and dislikes. She has an honest nature.

Master The contest is coming up, are you nervous?

When I ask her this, her eyes are confident, and she smiles.

Tsundere Hehe, what are you on about, Master? Isn't it obvious I'm not?
Master Haha… You've got a lot of confidence.
Tsundere But I'm more excited than confident. After all, we don't get events like this often.
Master Yeah, you're right.

Up until now, maids were just maids, working behind the scenes, never in the limelight. But now, times have changed. Now, maids even run stores and strive to become idols. You could say this contest is fitting for these times.

Tsundere Watch me, Master. I'm vastly different than second place… No, I'll double that score and will win first place.
Master Oh!

I knew she was fired up over this, but I didn't expect that much zeal.

Tsundere It's only natural. Hehe, I'm itching to show them what I've got.
Master I'm looking forward to it, but… why are you so excited? Was there any reason that got you so motivated?
Tsundere Hehe, I was made to use all my tricks to compete in these kinds of events. Besides…

She clenches her fist hard.

Tsundere I won't lose to other maids. Whether it be as a senpai, or as a woman.
Master I see.

Aside from her competitive words, there's a glimmer of excitement in her eyes. She must be happy to compete like this.

Master Do your best, I'm rooting for you.
Tsundere Leave it to me! I have to meet everyone's expectations as a candidate. I'll psyche myself up and do it!



She is a quiet and cool maid. The combination of serious and stoic thoughts, charming smile, and her honest attitude attracts people.

Suddenly hearing a voice in the training room, I glance over, and see a maid enthusiastically voice training.

Master Huh, that's a rare sight.

She looks over, startled.

Coodere I'm sorry, I was so focused, I didn't notice you. What is the matter, Master?
Master Sorry, I didn't want to interrupt you. Well, I didn't really have anything to ask, I was just seeing what you were doing.
Coodere You mean training? It's a little embarrassing that you saw me.
Master Is there a reason why you're embarrassed?
Coodere No, there isn't. It's just that isn't there a contest coming up?
Master Ah, yeah. A contest to pick the best maid.
Coodere When I saw the number 1 prize, I thought to myself that I had to do something about it.
Master Do something?
Coodere Yes. If I win an original song and my singing ability is poor, won't I lose my dignity?
Master You're right. I guess you're looking that far ahead.
Coodere Huh…? Ah, that's not it! It's not like I'm so arrogant to think I'd win…!
Master Well, I think it's great to have self-confidence and think that far ahead.
Coodere S-stop it, it's not like I believe that I'm going to win!
Master C'mon, you don't need to be that modest.
Coodere I, it's really not like that. It's just that if by chance I win and have to sing and I'm a poor singer, it'd be embarrassing…!
Master Yeah, I get that.
Coodere Master! Quit grinning like that!



Sincere, strong and a hard working girl and likes to help others. Although she is useful, she is stubborn, unable to compromise and cunning.

It's the day before the contest. Everyone has become restless, but she's cleaning quietly like usual.

Master You're pretty calm. Aren't you anxious about the contest?
Jyunshin Y-yes… I didn't think I was suited for this, so… I didn't have much hope from the beginning.
Master Really? That's a shame, I thought you'd place high.
Jyunshin Ehehe… I'm happy just from you saying that.

Just from this exchange, it seems like she actually gave up.
I thought that was kind of sad… but then, I notice something.

Master Anyway… How long have you been cleaning the same spot? It's already clean.
Jyunshin Ah! Ah, no, this is just…

She responds, suddenly shaken.

Master …Are you actually very nervous?
Jyunshin Ah, ahahaha… N-n-not at all…
Master (I can see it now!)

She's a maid who lives to work; she's the type of girl who will think about working even on her day off.
She's probably been trying to take off the pressure of the contest that's specifically about popularity by working.

Master It's… It's okay, you don't have to be that nervous. Hey, take a deep breath.
Jyunshin *Inhales* *Exhales*
Master It's the Lamaze technique!

This is bad, she's feeling cornered. Maybe I should acknowledge that she's free to quit if she wants sometime.

Jyunshin I, it's okay! *Breathes* I'll do my best in the contest. *Breathes*
Master Are… are you really okay…?



Jumping out noblesse oblige. Don't miss the hospitality of high society! Her standing reminds of peony, walking tells she is preppy!

There was an announcement about a contest, but since there's a maid who's not worried at all and is working at her own pace, I decide to ask her about it.

Master Hey, what are you up to lately?
Yandere Ah, Master. Nothing much has changed. Or is it that I've been bothering you somehow?

I just wanted to ask her how she was doing, but she responds a little flustered.

Master It's nothing, you've been treating me well, as usual. But since you've been the same as usual, I've been wondering…
Yandere Yes, what is it?
Master Isn't there a contest going on? You've been chosen as a member, but I don't think you've changed your daily habits.
Yandere Was I? Even if you say I've been chosen as a member, it doesn't really feel that way…
Master Well, I guess it can feel like that.
Yandere I'm glad people like me, but I only want to be the best for Master, so…
Master Ahaha. But I also want to see you happy that everyone voted for you.
Yandere Master… If you say that, I'll do my absolute best.
Master Yeah, I'll also help. Also, if you get first place, the prize is that you'll get your own song.
Yandere My own song…

After she mutters that, she starts thinking.

Yandere Indeed, for now, I've come up with an idea of what I want to do about the song.
Master What do you mean…?
Yandere Hehe, I'll just say, please look forward to the time I actually get picked.



Warm and gentle, motherly. She always has a gentle smile on her face; a big sister type and will help anyone who is in trouble. So caring, she makes men indolent.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the contest in Empire Club, there's one maid cleaning leisurely.

Master You're so relaxed. You're okay not preparing for the upcoming contest?

She smiles a bit wryly at my words.

Onee-chan Hmm… I'm not really good at competitions. Besides, even if a few people vote for me, I'd be happy.
Master Haha… You've got no drive.

This contest isn't just an election for the most popular maid.

The number 1 maid will get a prize, so there are quite a lot of maids fired up to get it, but…

Onee-chan Of course I'd be happy to get selected. But if someone likes me even a little, that's enough for me.
Master What about the prize? Don't you want it?
Onee-chan I'd be lying if I said I didn't want it, but it's a reward just to be working here.
Master What if the prize was actually food?

The moment I say this, I see a faint glimmer of desire in her reserved eyes.

Onee-chan What… What are you saying, Master? I'm not that gluttonous!
Master I see… Well, actually, the prize isn't food, but music.
Onee-chan Yeah! Ah, I've got to do another task. See you later…

I call after her as she hurries to do other work.

Master Ah… Anyway, just think about it. Ignore the prize, if you win, I'll give you some sweets.
Onee-chan All the sweets in the country… Anything, even expensive fruits… Only the things I love. How about that?

I would give up if she didn't say yes to my offer. However, when she glances back, it's like she has "sweets" written all over her face.

Onee-chan I've got it, I really have to put my all into this! I'll do my best! I'll borrow a campaign car!
Master This is like an actual election…



Cheerful and not shy to strangers; she is warm towards everyone. Unexpectedly girly at times and posseses sensitivity and bashfulness.

Master It's coming up. Are you confident?

When I ask her that, she scratches her head and smiles, embarrassed.

Bokukko Well… I can't imagine getting first place in a contest… Ehehe, so I'm not going to enter.
Master (She's not going to participate?)

Honestly, I'm at a loss.
This contest is a huge event where nearly every maid I can think of is going to enter.
The first place winner will win some sort of prize and will also win the title of Most Popular in Empire Club.
Because of this, there are tons of enthusiastic maids… But for some reason, this girl doesn't want it at all.

Bokukko See, it's me. I'm not the type to go on center stage… What I mean is, I don't know why people would want to vote for me.
Master No, no, you may not think it, but you're a huge part of Empire Club. If you don't enter, people will be disappointed.
Bokukko What, just give it a rest. It'll be fine without just one person.

Just from this I can tell she really has no desire to enter. I think of what to do and this time tell her seriously.

Master Okay… I really want you to join. It's that… I think you're really cute.

When I say this, immediately her face flushes red.

Bokukko You… I can't believe you, Master! Even if you sweet talk me, I won't join!
Master I mean it. I think you are the cutest… I really want you to win first place.
Bokukko Ugh! B-but, I…
Master Everyone voting will probably think the same.

She thinks hard for a while on my words. Then, as if making up her mind, she lifts her head, her face red all the way to her ears.

Bokukko Hmph… O-okay… For now, I'll… try the contest… And in return, you won't care if I get last place!
Master I don't think she is going to get last place, but I'll take her words to heart. I'll give her so much praise if she wins first place.



Feels pleasure by treating masters as a plaything; super sadistic. Takes the initiative by teasing masters and manipulating them. Suddenly becomes serious at times.

I had a strange feeling when I randomly passed by the SM room.

Do-S Oh… Master. What's up?
Master Uh, ah… I was just on a walk… More importantly, what are you doing in the SM room?
She responds as if it's obvious.

Do-S Don't we have a contest? I'm preparing for it.
Master (This isn't a contest you need to prepare whips for!)
Retorting her in my mind, I reluctantly enter the SM room.

Master Anyway… As usual, this place is unbelievable…
Do-S You think so? Whips, ropes, chains, a guillotine… I just get the impression that there are only the items you need here.
Master This is the bare minimum…?
Do-S Hehe, I'm excited. A contest…I'm not interested in first place, but I want to show off my skills.

Her words beg the question: "Why do you want to show off your skills?"

Master That's unexpected, I definitely thought you'd say "I must get first place, you piece of shit."
Do-S I've felt this for a long time, but you're just naturally rude, Master. What kind of person do you think I am?

She takes out a whip and snaps it lightly.
The supersonic whip splices the air and makes a cracking noise. I unintentionally tremble.

Do-S The contest doesn't only decide who is the most popular. There are people who will vote for us, and we must make efforts to respond to their feelings.
Master Well, yeah.
Do-S I don't care if I don't get first place. It's just I can't only humiliate those who vote for me. That's why I'm preparing here.
Master I see…

Her smooth words and the ominous whip didn't really fit together, but I take them to heart.