2019.11.12Current issue of the CR shop
This is an important notice about the overseas version of CR shop.

CR shop is a service that provide the chance to exchange in-game points into in-game items. All items can be exchanged using CR which are distributed in various occasions such as campaigns. We open the CR shop from the launch of the international version of the game in the exactly same way as Japanese version.
Unfortunately, we realized we have distributed at 100 times higher rate than the normal rate. Considering the rate of items remained the same, this gives customers who received wrongly higher rate the chance to exchange much easier. This was caused by the server settings which was set incorrect rate at the developer side.

Currently, the CR shop is under maintenance for this reason. We apologize for the inconvenience.

After the internal discussions, we came up with two different choices of solution.

The first one is to stop updating CR shop, which we will not add new items any longer. If we continue providing CR in wrongly higher value, the management of CR shop itself will face the difficulties.

The second one is to change the display of the rate of CR to 100 times higher numbers. Those who has been used to use the shop in current rate may feel the rate of the items were raised 100 times higher, but it is only the change in display of the rate which corresponds to the new CR rate.

We would like to avoid the first choice since it means we have to close CR shop, and the latter option seems feasible. We would like to hear your opinion first before we try to reach the final decision for this matter (Current posting event will not be cancelled. In terms of the reward of the event is TBA.)
Please let us know by posting your opinion on Face Book community page.
We apologize for the inconvenience, and ask you again to stay on community page for updates.
2019.11.01Update of CUSTOM ORDER MAID 3D2 SHOP~Denkigai-fair 2015 Summer Item set~
Hi Guys! This blog is to deliver all-new information about [CUSTOM ORDER MAID 3D2].

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Today's latest information is this!

・Update of CUSTOM ORDER MAID 3D2 SHOP~Denkigai-fair 2015 Summer Item set~

Then, we'd like to introduce the items we released today.

・Denkigai-fair 2015 Summer Item set
 2171JPY(appeox. 21.71US$)

This set is sold at an event called “Denkigai-fair” in Japan.
"Denkigai-fair 2015 Summer Item set" is a set which is sold at the event which held in the summer of 2015.

* What is “Denkigai-fair”?
A fair held in Japan in summer and winter by several visual novel game publishers.

▼New items▼
・Pirates outfit set


・Jersey set


・Ribboned blouse set


・Preppy girl long


・Preppy girl tied


・Mini tiara


・Mini hat






・Small butterfly


・Denkigai-fair 2015 Summer T-shirt



The info above is all for this article.

We will continue to update items in this shop, so please check this blog and Facebook.

Bye now!
2019.10.31Custom Order Maid 3D2 Posting Event~Your Best Maid's Profile~
Hi Guys! This blog is to deliver all-new information about [CUSTOM ORDER MAID 3D2].
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Today's latest information is this!

・Posting Event~Your Best Maid's Profile~

We already know you guys have each favorite maid.

So, we'd like to hold an event in which you can introduce your maids to other masters.

The plan is『Your Best Maid's Profile』!

The detailed information is below.

■Your Best Maid's Profile Rules(2019/10 Update)
◎Event Name◎
 Your Best Maid's Profile

 Show off your best maid by submitting an image along with a simple profile that includes a
 short introduction.
 From the submitted works, we'll choose five to post on our blog.

◎Example Image◎

◎Example Profile◎
 Rina Hanyu

 This is my club's maid.
 She's a hard-worker, and I'm sure many Custom Order Maid 3D2 players have seen her before.

◎Basic Regulations◎
1.Regarding the Image Submissions
 For the basic requirements, there are no limitations and no restrictions.
 The works can include maids edited by the MOD tools, added via DLC and item codes,
 and those in the add-on package(s).
 Additionally, the pictures may be retouched by photo editing or other external software programs.
 ※Images that can't be distinguished as originating from Custom Order 3D2 will be excluded.
 Also, images that don't feature maids, and images where there is a maid but she's more like an
 accessory and not the main focus will be removed from the competition.

2.Regarding the Picture Format
 Only pictures taken through the Custom Order Maid 3D2 photo function will be allowed. (i.e. No cell
 phone pictures, etc.)

 The following things are prohibited:
 ・Any works that show contempt for others, display personal information (i.e. doxxing), or attack
  others are not allowed.
 ・Any works that have been plagiarized.
 ・Any works that feature expressions of extreme violence, or are grotesque.
 ※Works that continue to be uploaded despite violating these rules will be dealt with appropriately.
  Also, if your work has been deemed to contain slander or personal attacks against a person/group
  and isn't changed, it will be removed from the submission corner without notification or consent.

4.Submission Count
 The maximum number of submissions you can make is THREE.
 All profiles must be within 500 CHARACTERS, not 500 words.

 Regulations may be changed or added without announcement.
 Please be sure to read through and follow all rules.
 Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

 The winner(s) will receive CR that can be used in the CR Shop.
 ※Please check the CR Shop on the "S-court" page.

 ※Registration is required. (Free to sign-up.)

8.Submission Form

◎Posting period◎
October 31, 2019 - November 23, 2019

◎Announcement of the result◎
November 28, 2019 *tentative


That's all!

We are looking forward to your posts!

Bye now!