CUSTOM ORDER MAID 3D2 Update Ver.1.06

file name


file size

2,318,037,183 byte


Thank you for purchasing "CUSTOM ORDER MAID 3D2".
Sorry for the inconvenience, but please update game data in the following procedure.


*This update can be used only for our company's product, 'Custom Order Maid 3D2'.
*Start the update while the game is not in play.
*When reinstalling the product, after the reinstalation, you must apply the most resent plug-in update before starting it.
*When applying this, you will need administrator rights.

■Use capacity

About 5GB
*When updating, the size might temporarily be twice as big.

■How to update

Start the 'update.exe' file that is inside the folder, and follow the instructions to update.

■Updated part

Some text translation is improved.
Some untranslated part is fixed.

The skill commands while performing yotogi
・Insert hard
・While kissing
・Rub tits
and others have been improved regarding expressions, and their translations have been adjusted to reflect more accurate expressions.

We fixed a bug that caused in the H event “Forbidden ☆ Fruits!” with NPC character “Sana Miojina”.

The issue that some backgrounds are not shown in the 1.05 environment is fixed.

This patch now supports the dance song “The Tears of Regulus.”

Some text translation is improved.
We modified the problem where users were previously able to include certain events in the schedule, which were not supposed to be applicable to the Sweet Little Devil personality.

We fixed the problem that screen fades black and be stuck at the scene when user make employment after the patch Ver 1.04 is applied.

This patch now supports Personality Pack Naturally sadistic, Sweet little devil.

We have fixed the issue that the game clashes when you execute the dance song “mainly priority” in the environment to which you have applied the GP01 patch.
Some untranslated part is fixed.

Some text translation is improved.
Some untranslated part is fixed.
-Opening part
-General scenario (includes untranslated idol route text)
-Some UI text (includes untranslated item name and inconsistency of some word)
User Support

Although we make our best effort for product making, if there is any trouble for our products, please notice us in the concrete from the link below. If it is our fault, we will repair or replace the item for no charges. However, in cases such are listed below, we may have to refuse support.
●A malfunction due to the customer's actions.
●An illegal copy.

Please read the manual carefully and check the contents below before noticing us.
●Are all devices correctly connected?
●Does your equipment meet up with the required environment written in the manual?

We cannot answer to questions about the game's content or how to win.