2023.01.31Cessation of sales for certain items
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Today's latest information is this!

We will be ceasing sales of certain items in all shops where they are currently sold. The affected items will be available until the scheduled 6 P.M. maintenance on Mar. 31, 2023 (Friday). These items will no longer be available for purchase after that point.
*Please be aware that there may be differences in timing due to time zones.

The affected items are listed below.

■Item List
◎Final sale day: Mar. 31, 2023 (Friday) until maintenance at 6 P.M.
*Please note that the maintenance time is approximate. Maintenance may occur sooner or later than the stated time.

◎Item List
・Baldr - Elis Set
・Baldr - Gerd Set

・GIGA・AIKISS・Costume Full Set
・GIGA・AIKISS・Looks Like I'm in Love
・AIKISS・Saegusa Hinata&Kanno Junko Costume set
・AIKISS・Sakurada An Costume set
・AIKISS・Saegusa Ayame Costume set

・GIGA - AIKISS 2 - Kiss me! choose me! & Costume Set
・GIGA - AIKISS 2 - Costume Set
・GIGA - AIKISS 2 - Kiss me! choose me! Dance
・AIKISS 2 - Ikue Set
・AIKISS 2 - Towako Set
・AIKISS 2 - Riko Uniform Set
・AIKISS 2 - Nanase Set

・GIGA - Princess of Glass and Retinue of Mirrors - Costume Set
・Princess of Glass - Naomi Set
・Princess of Glass - Orihime Set
・Princess of Glass - Bernadette Set
・Princess of Glass - Henri Set

・GIGA -Aikiss 3 - Blooming Kiss!
・GIGA -Aikiss 3 - Costume Set
・Aikiss 3 - Karin Set
・Aikiss 3 - Avrola Set

Additionally, players who have purchased the listed items before 6 P.M. on Mar. 31, 2023 (Friday) will still be able to redownload them even after they are no longer available for purchase.

We appreciate your understanding.

We will continue to update items in this shop, so please check this blog and Facebook.

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