2023.03.24Update of CUSTOM ORDER MAID 3D2 SHOP - Karaoke Pack Yandere Karaoke SP -
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■Karaoke Pack Yandere Karaoke SP
○Release date
 March 24th(Fri)

・Karaoke Pack Yandere Karaoke SP
 1491JPY (approx. 14.91US$)

This is an expansion pack for the content in “Custom Order Maid 3D2 Karaoke Pack VR Vol. 2” featuring new vocal tracks by voice actress Sayaka Kazuna for the songs listed below.
*1. New content has only been added for “Karaoke Dance Mode.” There is no new content for the standard dance mode.
*2. This pack only includes the vocal tracks performed by Sayaka Kazuna. Other vocal tracks are not included in this pack.

~Karaoke dance~
・DAN! GAN! Party!! - Karaoke Ver. All Maids

“Luminous moment” Karaoke Mode Ver.

“melody of empire” Karaoke Mode Ver.

“Sakurauraraka, harahirari” Karaoke Mode Ver.


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