2019.09.13Notification: the error at our shops is fixed
We fixed an issue that DLC set 5 could not be downloaded in COM3D2 SHOP en.
Please try downloading again.
2019.09.13Regarding to download error at our shops
It has been confirmed that downloading at S-courtDL en / COM3D2 SHOP often fail.
We are now investigating the cause and measures, but it may take a while.
If you are in a hurry, try the following:

-Delete browser’s cache and restart the browser.
-Restart your PC.
-Restart Internet router.
* Our service have multiple DL servers and there is a possibility that an error may be occurring at specific DL server.
So it may be possible to access another DL server with the above procedures and to download normally.
2019.09.13Additional heroine type questionnaires - announcement of results!
Hi Guys! This blog is to deliver all-new information about [CUSTOM ORDER MAID 3D2].
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Latest information is this!

・Additional heroine type questionnaires - announcement of results!

Today, we will announce the results of an additional heroine-type questionnaire that we have been dealing since August 22nd!

Let's get down to business.
The results is below!

―First place―


Naturally sadistic, Sweet little devil

―Second place―


Overbearing and preppy girl maid

―Third place―


Cautious and blunt girl

―Fourth place―


Quiet and love to be pampered, Bookworm

―Fifth place―


Little animal-like snuggly little sister

―Sixth place―


Sexy and ladylike big sister

―Seventh place―


Matured and reliable Secretary maid

It turned out to be those kind of result!

Thank you very much for your vote!

Bye now!
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