2019.08.14Message from voice actress Vol.1
"Muku role_ Momoka Sakura message


Congratulations on the release of Custom Order Maid 3D2! the voice actor of Muku and Tsundere, Momoka Sakura.
I'm so happy that this will be played not only in Japan, but overseas too!
It was hard for me to act out two characters, but
It was very fun recording this, thinking how would Muku and Tsundere react.
I hope you all like Muku and Tsundere,
but since there are so many types of maids,
I hope that you can enjoy your time with your favorite maid in the Empire Club."
"Majime role_ Himari message


I'm Himari, who does the Majime role.
I can't believe we're jumping out of Japan and going into the world!
I'm happy that not only our Japanese master's, but people from other countries can have fun too.
I'm sure the maids are excited that something like this is happening.
Um? but maids aren't Japanese culture.
How will the people from the country where maids come think?
Are there maids like Majime-chan or chairman maids? They're not only serious but cute too.
I want our masters overseas to be pampered by the big sisters.
Have a good time with the maids <3 <3"
"Rinndere role_ Mei Misonoo message


I'm Mei Misonoo who act as Rindere.
Congratulations to 'Custom Order Maid 3D2' for finally going on sale!
We talked about making Rindere types a character that is 'strong' and 'womanlike',
and acted so she would be a maid to be easy to be around.
I like the gap between her comical side and her serious side.
She cares for her master, and is very reliable.
I would love it if you had a great time with her and other maids in the Empire Club!"
2019.08.13For everyone who has been looking forward to the launch of Custom Order Maid 3D2
Hi guys! I'm producer Yamato from KISS.

Thank you so much for patiently waiting for this day, [Custom Order Maid 3D2] is finally launched today! I know you've been looking forward so much to this day.

Looking back...
I'm sorry we took much longer than expected from the day we announced the translated version.
For all who have been looking forward to this day, everyone who has been working hard for the production and platformers, I want to thank you all. I couldn't have done it without you.

Now that we have launched the English version,“CUSTOM ORDER MADE 3D2” will make a new start!
We are planning to hold various events for you to enjoy.
As first collaboration project that can be enjoyed by overseas user, we have collaborated with "Nekopara".
Furthermore, this was the first collaboration that includes “Dance Collaboration”.
From now on, I would like to make various reports including “Collaboration with other publisher”, “Character packs”, “Free DLC” and so on.

Thank you so much, and enjoy new [Custom Order Maid 3D2]
2019.08.13[COM3D2] We have opened feedback form for translation
Hi, everyone!

We've prepared the translation feedback form which we preinformed about.

There are two types of forms; one that is able to paste a screenshot, the other one unable to.

The screenshot available version requires your google account for login.

We would appreciate those who are able to post any corrections with a screenshot for the section.

(Please be assured that we will not receive any personal information regarding your google account.)

1. Screenshot available / Login required version

2. Screenshot unavailable / Login unrequired version

Either posts will proceed following the respective URL.

We will collect and check the section which've been pointed out and make a new schedule for improvement.

We would periodically report our progress while proceeding.

Thank you for your cooperation.
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