2020.04.10Release Schedule Announcement
Like we said in yesterday's announcement, we will inform you in advance of the schedule of the products we will distribute in the near future.
Please take a look below at the schedule that starts after next week.

▼May 2020 DLC Release Schedule

Distribution Date:

DLC Name:
Tears of Regulus Dance

Product Content:
We are releasing "Tears of Regulus," which features Rindere!
Along with the solo dance, we are also including a short story about the song!

Distribution Date:

DLC Name
2020_04_24_CUSTOM ORDER MAID 3D2 Variety Pack 4

Product Content:
This is the fourth installment of DLC that completely coordinates the maids!

・2 costumes
・1 hair set
2020.04.10Update of CUSTOM ORDER MAID 3D2 SHOP -Idol Costume Set-
Hi guys! This blog delivers all-new information about [CUSTOM ORDER MAID 3D2].

Don't forget to check it out as well as our Facebook!

Today's latest information is this!


I'd like to introduce the items we released today.

・Dancing Maid Outfit
 489JPY (approx. 4.89US$)


・Marching Idol Set
 489JPY (approx. 4.89US$)


・Natural Double
 204JPY (approx. 2.04US$)

ImageData ImageData

・Idol Costume Set
 1038JPY (approx. 10.38US$)
 ※The following items are included:
 ・Dancing Maid Outfit
 ・Marching Idol Set
 ・Corset-style Lingerie Set
 ・Natural Double

The info above is all for this article.

We will continue to update items in this shop, so please check this blog and Facebook.

Bye now!
2020.04.09Explanation and our future plan
Last time in our announcement about piracy, we took in your comments and once again learned all of your opinions. Thank you very much for telling us what you think.

After we read these comments, the S-court management team diligently came up with a new plan of action.

Today we'd like to announce three things.

1. An apology and explanation from management.
2. Compensation
3. Our new plan of action.

1. We are terribly sorry that we could not notify you all that when the new personality Sweet Little Devil was released, that it did not have the specifications that included GP01 support. The reason we disappointed a number of buyers was not that we were dismissing overseas users, but rather, management carelessly could not make an announcement that the personality does not come with GP01 support.
As well, we did not think that this specification was appropriate with the release.
What was appropriate in this case was to release Sweet Little Devil's including the GP01 support. If we could not release them at the same time, we should have provided an advance notice.
However, we would like you to understand why we released a new personality pack and the compatible expansion pack (GP01 or GP02) of the personality separately.

In this case, if we had the specifications where you could play GP01 part of the personality, it would be necessary to add GP01's price on the new personality pack's price. If we do that, it will be putting those who do not play the expansion packs that are compatible with the personality at a disadvantage. Because we will inevitably have to spend time translating when developing the overseas version, we'd like you to understand that the personality pack and the expansion pack will be separate.

2. Moreover, we are planning to release Sweet Little Devil GP01 in May and are now continuing to work on it on the developing side. However, because we did not announce that Sweet Little Devil did not include GP01, management would like to provide compensation to those affected. Those affected are those who bought the international version of Sweet Little Devil from the day it was released to 2/28.

The details of compensation are as follows:

Those affected:
Users who purchased the international version of Sweet Little Devil between 2/21 0:00 [PDT] and 2/28 24:00 [PDT] from S-court's website or the Nutaku platform.

On the S-court DL, we will give Sweet Little Devil GP01 for free.

How to apply:
We are thinking of having those affected apply on a form next Monday.
Then, after Sweet Little Devil is released, we will give the DLC to the users.

*Please note that the above application method is used to respond to buyers on each platform in a uniform way.

Once again, thanks to your comments, we were keenly aware of the need to communicate with overseas users including improving our service in a visible manner.
First of all, I apologize for any loose ends that need to be fixed, such as translation.
The most recent patch update is expected to be on end of May. After that, we are going to distribute the updates to fix translation and bugs on end of June, and we are going to keep you updated on a regular basis.
In addition, we have received various opinions about the sales method, and we would like to consider the best proposal that we can make and consider the service.
From now on, we would like to take the following action to ensure that there is no gap between us and our overseas users.

-Advance disclosure of the upcoming release

We would like to build a relationship with you by letting you know what we are thinking about improving our service. We can't do this without a stable system, but it's been more than eight months since our overseas release, and thanks to you, we believe we will be able to provide this kind of information in the future.

This proposal alone may be lacking in providing the service you are looking for.
If you have any other opinions, we would appreciate it if you could continue to provide us with feedback.

Thank you for your continued support.
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