2019.08.16Message from voice actress Vol.3
"Saki Hinaguchi role_ Mii Ichikawa message


I'm Mii Ichikawa who acts out Saki Hinaguchi.
Congratulations on the release of 'Custom Order Maid 3D2'!
Thinking that people overseas can enjoy this game,
makes me so happy and I think I made this a great role.
Saki who used to be a nurse is nice to everyone, and is a maid that will do anything for her master.
Since Saki thinks of her master first, I'm sure she'll give you great healing.
Please take care of Saki! And I hope you have fun."
"Ena Aburaya role_ Karin Azuma message


Hello, I'm Karin Azuma.
Congratulations on the release of the English ver Custom Order Maid 3D2!
I'm so happy that you can play Custom Order Maid 3D2 overseas!

I got to act as Ena Aburaya, and she is so positive,
and a very cute girl that likes to have fun with everything <3

I'm sure she will make master happy!
Please take care of her <3

There are other cute unique girls so please enjoy your long Custom Life!"
"Sana Miojina_ Sayaka Kazuna message


Custom Maid became Order Maid, and finally! It's going to be sold overseas! And I'm so happy.
I'm the actor Sana, Sayaka Kazuna. I'm the cooking maid. Please take care of me!
As the Custom Order Maid gets bigger, I hope that more people can enjoy it more!
Please talked care of the maids and the Empire Club!"
2019.08.15Message from voice actress Vol.2
"Emma Kisaragi role_ Matsuri Sugihara message


Congratulations on the release of the English ver of Custom Order Maid 3D2!
I was the actor for the secretary maid 'Emma Kisaragi'.
When acting for this role, I tried to make her as cool as I could.
Leave the club business to Emma Kisaragi.
Please have fun as you make your favorite maid in the game!"
"Mary Akechi and others_ Mitsuki Tachibana message

【no image】

Congratulations on the release of the English ver of Custom Order Maid 3D2!
I'm Mitsuki Tachibana who acts as Mary Akechi, Ten Sakai, Shizuka Sayama, Motsuko Hanaten and Nanago.
I'm shaking from joy that this game is going into the world.
Since this is a great game that you can customize your favorite maids, I really hope that people overseas can enjoy it.
Please customize everything from their face, body and clothes.
Please have a great life with your favorite maid!"
2019.08.15CUSTOM ORDER MAID 3D2 additional dance『1st only you』
Hi Guys! This blog is to deliver all-new information about [CUSTOM ORDER MAID 3D2]
Don't forget to check it out as well as our Facebook!

Today's latest information is this!
・Additional dance『1st only you』

So, today, we started to distribute『1st only you』as free DLC.

Please check following URL to know what kind of content it is.

■CUSTOM ORDER MAID3D2 / 1st only you

You can get it at COM3D2 SHOP.

That’s all for today.

Please check this blog or Facebook for future updates.

Bye now!
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