2020.04.24Additional Heroine Type Questionnaire [Part 2] Now Open!
Hello, players!
Thank you for responding to our previous survey on our next DLC release!
Staff at KISS are in the process of considering future content in light of the results.

In any case, following up on the release of "Sweet Little Devil" in February of this year, we at KISS plan to release an additional heroine type.
In order to help us determine which heroine type to release next, we're hoping that you will participate in this follow-up survey.

Seven heroine types have been added to the previous survey.
We've heard from fans passionately hoping to see heroines from our past works make a return, and we're considering those responses.
Each heroine has a short story, so we hope that you'll cast a vote for your favorite heroine upon reading these stories!

The short stories will be about the maids included in a popularity poll called "The General Election," and each maid will appear in a scene depicting her everyday life.

The survey will run from Friday, April 24 until Friday, May 8th.
You can cast one vote per day. Also, you can cast votes for your favorite heroine type for multiple times in different days, or you may split your votes among multiple types!

We look forward to receiving your votes!
2020.04.17Update of CUSTOM ORDER MAID 3D2 SHOP ~Newly Added Dance "The Tears of Regulus"~
Hi guys! This blog delivers all-new information about [CUSTOM ORDER MAID 3D2].

Don't forget to check it out as well as our Facebook!

Today's latest information is this!


Let us introduce the item presented to you this time.

■Newly Added Dance "The Tears of Regulus"
○Release date
  April 17th (Fri)

 917JPY (approx. 9.17US$)

○Product Description
 Featuring heroine type "Rindere" performing a solo song.

 1. "The Tears of Regulus" is added to the『Dance』menu.
 ※It will automatically be added to the『Dance』menu after downloading.

 2. The route of『The Tears of Regulus』is added.
  A famous composer suddenly sends Rindere a song as a gift. Startled Rindere sets out to write the lyrics.

  - Required Condition -
  Won a VS Live of the idol route『Luminous moment』.

○Song Information
 Vocal: Ayane
 Writer: Shinichiro Yamashita
 Composer: Shigetoshi Yamada
 Guitar: Masaru Teramae (Demetori)


The info above is all for this article.

We will continue to update items in this shop, so please check this blog and Facebook.

Bye for now!
2020.04.13Announcement of Compensation Application Form
As we announced last week, we prepared compensation application form.
If you are the eligible user, please confirm the form and apply to receive the compensation.

To receive it, first you need to create an S-court account.
The next steps are different if you already have an account or not.

1. Register and account at S-court
Please create an account at the aforementioned website at "New Registration."
Your email address will be used as your login ID, so please tell us your email address.

2. For those already having an S-court account
Please tell us your email address used as your login ID at the aforementioned website.

Again, we're very sorry this happened.
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